October 2014

Sake Contest: True Sake Instagram Contest

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Sake Contest: True Sake Instagram Contest

Welcome to my world! As many of your know I have had a wonderful time over the years with my window displays. I love making fun statements about life and sake mixed together, and each and every window display has been from the heart. It truly is a passion of mine, and I love watching people stop, look and perhaps laugh at what they see in that “weird sake store’s window.” It also brings me great joy when folks feel compelled to come into the store after seeing a display and saying something nice about it! I love that, and thank you so very much for all of the kind words that you have shared over the years!

Sake Halloween Instagram ContestInstagram Contest – True Sake Presents:
Fast forward to my new “other” passion – Instagram! I have had a blast taking photos of sake bottles all over the world and all over the place. I’m sort of restricted in my subject mater – always something sake or sake related – and many folks often comment that I must have sake bottles attached to my body at all times when they see all the settings were I get a shot! I encourage you to follow us @truesake and of course I push most photos straight through to Facebook. But if you are not on Instagram I highly recommend that you join, and as an incentive we at Team True Sake have created a very encouraging contest to get you started:


"Fall For Sake" – An Autumn and Thanksgiving Sake Photo Contest



  1. Follow us on Instagram (truesake)
  2. Take a photo of something that represents Autumn and Sake
  3. #fallforsake and #truesake so we can see your artwork
  4. Say "Sake Makes The Seasons Better"


We will select three winners the day before Thanksgiving.


Third Place - Can of Kikusui Funaguchi (1000 ml)
Second Place – Kirin Zan Junmai Ginjo (720ml)
First Place - A $250 True Sake Gift Certificate


Must be 21 and over to enter and we will only ship to selected approved states. (See the website www.truesake.com for more details)


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