October 2014

Beau-Zone Layer – Wakatake Junmai Genshu

Posted by Beau Timken in 2014, Beau Zone, Newsletter, October

The Beau-Zone Layer – Wakatake Junmai Genshu “Demon Slayer”

From Shizuoka Prefecture. SMV: +7 Acidity: 1.5


Beau Zone August 2014

 In honor of Halloween I had to Beau-Zone the Demon Slayer – Come on! I’m very glad that Wakatake Brewery has gone back to the square bottle for not just the famous Junmai Daiginjo – it makes the three bottles look cool together. And guess what this brew drinks as cool as it looks! Dry sakes that have body are great!


Sometimes when brewers strive to achieve dryness they take away the body in their pursuit. The more the yeast eats the sugars the dryer the sake becomes, but byproduct is often a thinning of the sake. And quite frankly lots of folks like the drinkable lean and dry brews, but I’m a body man! So enjoy the dry body on this Demon Slayer!


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