December 2015

Top Ten List –
Merry Mei’s Top Ten Gift Ideas That Are Sake-riffic!

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Sake Season December 2015 A

So you need a sake elf to help pull you through the holidays? Look no further than the elf herself – Mei – from the North-Pole-Rammed-Sake-Land or Kimoto-Kringle-Town! Are you at a loss? Don’t know what to get anybody?


Well if you need to fill a stocking or fill out an entire gift list then look no further than all things sake! Mei will turn you from a typical gift giving shlub into a super sake rock star with some of her amazing recommendations. She also wanted to remind everybody that we charge nothing other than your patience for really cool gift-wrapping! Take it away Mei!


10) Kirinzan Junmai Daiginjo Tomizu Junmai
This blue bottle has been a crowd-pleaser for the years I've worked here @True Sake! Can't decide? Choose this one!


9) Shichi Hon Yari Junmai Daiginjo Shizuku
This dew drop bottled sake is not just easy on the eyes, the taste amazing too! This bottle doesn't come with a decorative box anymore but I snagged some for you! Only get it at our store!


8) Kibo Junmai Can
Food friendly sake in the perfect size for anyone! Come check out our holiday 12-pack before they're all gone!


7) Hitorimusume Junmai Daiginjo Shizuku
For little ladies who will always be your baby. This sake says it all already in it's name. "Only One Daughter". Have more than one? Well, good thing we stocked up.


Top Ten December 2015b

6) Otokoyama Junmai Daiginjo
For that special man in your life, get him a mountain! This bottle of Man's Mountain is elegant, balanced yet still has masculine mineral notes.


5) Sake Drinking Game
THE BEST drinking game ever! Move over beer-pong. This sake drinking game will be the highlight of all your future gatherings.


4) Tsukasabotan Junmai Daiginjo Shizuku
Calling all floral lovers! This bottle is the one your looking for! No questions asked.

Top Ten November 2015c


3) Chokaisan Junmai Daiginjo
This bottle is for those who LOVE fruity sake that isn’t sweet! FINALLY best of both worlds!


2) Umenishiki Junmai Daiginjo
Who can say no to this red delicious boxed sake? Its mini-me just arrived at our store last week! Be one of the first in the nation to get this size at a special price!


1) An eGift Card
Here we are at the end of my list. What's more perfect than the gift of choice? Gift cards are also available in the store!


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