November 2004


Posted by admin in 2004, Newsletter, November

I went to Japan last week for a massive tasting held by the Japan Prestige Sake Association. On one of the nights I had dinner with my friend John Gauntner, sake aficionado and author, and we started talking about America's fascination with nigori or "unfiltered" sake. In brewing lexicon sake is both pressed and filtered. Pressing removes the remaining solids of unfermented rice, and filtering is a process where they run the pressed sake through a charcoal filter very similar to your PUR filtration system at home to remove any bad characters and to historically strip away any colors in the sake. There is a different term all together for sake that is not "filtered," and there is a movement within the industry to cut back on this practice. If a brewery has good brewing water they really do not need to "filter" their sake. Without confusing we want to make consumers aware that "unfiltered sake" in its truest sense is called "moroka" which means sake that is not passed through a charcoal filtration machine.

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