October 2004

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True Sake is right on the cusp of selling out of the Summer Nama Sakes and the arrival of the Fall Namas. As you recall "Nama Sake" is sake that has not been pasteurized the typical two times. It is "living" sake and really should be tried by all. As I tell our customers Nama sake tastes like 3-dimensional sake as opposed to 2-dimensional pasteurized sake. It is lively and tastes wildly different than it's pasteurized counterparts. We have sold out of the Otokoyama Nama, but still have the Umenishiki Dai Ginjo Nama, and the Ohyama Nama. We also carry both of these sakes in the pasteurized version and it is fun to compare and contrast.

I have spent the last two years trying to convince my importers to bring some Sparkling sakes into the States. Sparkling sake is a relative newcomer to the sake world in Japan, a world dominated by males who drink bigger flavored sake. In an effort to attract females and younger sake drinkers brewers have started to produce low alcohol sakes that are at times sweeter and lighter than traditional sakes. This also includes Sparkling sake, which is both bright and refreshing. Currently, True sake carries an expensive sparkling junmai dai ginjo (Okunomatsu FN) from Okunomatsu brewery who produce this sake so that it can be used in the winner's circle to spray victorious racers in Japanese Formula One races. Who needs French Champagne? But at $112 per pop this is a special occasion sake for sure.

In this regard, True Sake is introducing two new "affordable" sparkling sakes in the form of Harushika and Poochi Poochi. Harushika (300ml/$15) is incredibly bright and sprightly. It has a beautifully refreshing sweetness that makes for a fun and bubbly adventure. Poochi Poochi (330ml/$12) despite having the worst name in the business is slightly dryer than Harushika and has a deeper richer flavor. It is also incredibly refreshing and light, and they both are about 8% alcohol compared to the typical 15-16% for sake and 13-14% for wine. The next time an occasion calls for champagne remember the headache and think about sparkling sake instead.

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