April 2005

The SECRET WORD April 2005

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Hey which one of you shared the secret? I must tell you that the SECRET WORD has become HUGE. But that is understandable because of the fact that a secret is defined as: something that you tell one person at a time. This breeds a good news bad news scenario. The good news is now many of my distributors see the power of the SECRET WORD and have given me slightly better rates on selected sakes. The bad news is that more and more and more customers are saying that precious word and I am having a harder time keeping stock of the items. That said, I developed the SECRET WORD for you, my good readers of this Newsletter who want to learn more about sake. And as such I feel compelled to reward you all. Thus I have selected one of my favorite Junmai Ginjos this month for you to taste. The Demon Slayer! This month's sake is From Wakatake a brilliant brewery in Shizouka Prefecture. It is a great Ginjo to pair with foods – including Pizza – and typically sells for $24. But for you guys it costs a meager $12 for a sake that has taken over 90 days to make using the best brewing rice. A virtual bargain! So without due I give you this month's SECRET WORD. And the word is three words: Time, Place and Occasion.

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