March 2005

A Sake A Day - Keeps The Doc Away

Posted by Beau Timken in 2005, March, Newsletter

Okay here is brief bit of info for all of you looking to justify your raging alcoholism. We all have seen the TV interview with the 120 year-old Bulgarian woman who when asked why she lived so long claimed that it was the shot of vodka every day (and the pack of cigs). Well maybe that old Bulgarian gal had something according to a study that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Francine Grodstein of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston stated, "Low levels of alcohol appear to have cognitive benefits." For those who are reading this newsletter at their local Izakaya (sake drinking house) I will roughly translate this as "a good buzz means no fuzz."

The study of more than 12,000 elderly women found that those who consumed light to moderate amounts of alcohol daily had about a 20% lower risk of experiencing problems with their mental abilities later in life according to Rob Stein of the Washington Post. Furthermore "Women who consistently were drinking about one-half to one drink per day had both less cognitive impairment as well as less decline in their cognitive function compared to women who didn't drink at all," Grodstein said.

Now wait - the news gets better - as this study only focused on women it is assumed that men benefit even more as previous studies in this area indicate that men seem to benefit more from alcohol than women as they drink more than their female counterparts - one to two drinks per day - and apparently the more the better. Translation: Doctors recommend that you call True Sake 415.355.9555 or visit our website

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