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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

VALENTINE'S NIGHT - Hot Night Cold Sake!

Okay okay I will keep it semi clean here, but sex and sake have a lot in common. They both are great fun, and when used properly together watch out! This Valentine's Day represents a "night" that may just need a little sake to make things perfect. Why? Well some older Japanese men have a real belief that nigori or unfiltered sake is an aphrodisiac. I was told countless tales of older gentlemen in the Kyoto area who "used" a certain nigori sake from Tsukinokatsura brewery as a ummmm errrrrr an "equipment enhancer." The owner of the brewery who has an amazing smile to begin with always beams when he tells of getting phone calls from 80 year-old men early "the next morning." And yes we sell this nigori at True Sake!

In the creative department there is a great way for you and your partner to share sake sans clothes. If you are at all sensitive to adult matters of this nature I recommend scrolling down to the next paragraph. Remember folks it is my sworn duty to "enlighten" you to all things sake. And I mean all things! So in this vein picture a naked woman in a chair. Picture her sitting up straight a.k.a erect with her legs bent and so tightly closed that her knees are firmly pressing upon each other. Now with her head tilted back picture her pouring sake from a glass down her throat. No not on the inside; rather down her flesh through her cleavage passing her femininity and sliding through the crevasse of her firmly pressed legs to her touching knees where her lover's mouth is opened wide to enjoy this "lover's sake."

Okay and we now resume with our regularly scheduled programming. Of course one should never drink booze whilst hot tubbing, but in case one is living life too close to the edge sake and hot tubs go together like Michael Jackson and lawyers. And of course V-day represents the number one "tubbin'" night of the year. So in this light if you dare to imbibe whilst you bubble we recommend heating your sake, as cold fluid in a hot bath sometime causes a funny tummy. It's not a rule, but think in terms of the higher the heat the dryer the sake!

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