July 2005

The SECRET WORD July 2005

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True Sake LogoMan I am so pleased with myself! Last month I decided to imbed the SECRET WORD within the text of the Newsletter to keep the "scrollers" from scrolling down just to get the word without reading my glorious durge! At least 20 people came to the counter laughing that they were "caught" by surprise. We shall see if I do the same this month. For those who are new to the SECRET WORD, this is a chance to receive a 50% discount off of a sake of my choosing to aid your "habit" and sake knowledge-gathering path. Per usual only one bottle per reader and those abroad must order three other sakes to fill out a 4-pack shipper to get the SECRET WORD sake. Merely mutter/utter/whisper the SECRET WORD and you shall receive the sacred sauce.

July's sake is one that I review in my soon-to-be-released book, and represents the Ginjo category where the rice is polished at least 40% with 60% remaining and has added brewer's alcohol. I enjoy the flavor of this Ginjo has there are many hidden subtleties on all different levels. In other words it is layered pleasantly and drinks like a story! The sake is called Manyou No Koubai "10,000 Apricot Blossoms" from Wakayama Prefecture. SMV: + 3.5 and Acidity: 1.2 This is a very low acidity level and would appeal to those who like their sakes very subtle void of booziness. The importers of this sake are a local SF start-up called Tanabata Imports and they carry about 10 sakes and one very famous plum wine.

This month's SECRET WORD is "Sake Bombs."

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