June 2005

The SECRET WORD June 2005

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True Sake LogoYes folks, you have reached the end of the Newsletter! And of course this means that you have come to the SECRET WORD, which for new readers is a way to taste a unique sake of my choosing at half price for just uttering the SECRET WORD at True Sake or by phone. But please do so quietly or others may here, and sadly for those of you afar I have a policy that you must order three other sakes to fill out an order. And of course only one SECRET WORD sake per reader please.

This month's SECRET WORD sake is our first Junmai Dai Ginjo. And what an important sake to try. The brewery is called Tamanohikari and they are located in Fushimi, which is right outside Kyoto. This brewery is quite important as they use the "granddaddy" of all brewing rice called Omachi. This strain of rice is still unchanged after hundreds of years, and is the father to many of today's popular brewing rice including Yamadanishiki. The bottle typically sells for $30 but for you glorious readers it is a mere $15.

And for those who inadvertently have divulged that sometimes you just scroll down to read the SECRET WORD section I say humbug! This month's SECRET WORD is the name of the Island off of the coast of Niigata and is home to the Obata Brewery, which has been mentioned twice in this Newsletter. Chew on that!

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