June 2005

True Sake Newsletter June 2005

Posted by Stephen King in 2005, June, Monthly Intro, Newsletter
Welcome to the tenth installment of America's sake-centric newsletter. I would like to thank those readers who have sent messages extolling their newfound appreciation for sake. Many of you have come from the dark side – the world of grape wine, and many have never had a booze home before, but to all I say welcome. Thanks to folks like John Gauntner and Phillip Harper the world of sake has become a little clearer, and it is my goal to make sake a little closer. By that I mean I take great efforts to bring you sakes that are on par with the freshness and abundance found in Japan. And it is safe to say that if you read this newsletter regularly then you will know more about sake than over half of the Japanese population. The sake truth is out there, and together we will find it!

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Sake bottles come in all shapes and sizes. Traditionally the only sized bottles were the isshobin 1.8L, which hold 60 fluid ounces, and resemble wine magnums. Then came the 720ml bottles, which hold 24 fluid ounces and resemble the typical wine bottle that is 750ml. Others sizes include the 900ml(30 oz), 500ml(16oz), 300ml(10 oz), and 180ml(6 oz).

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