May 2005

New Store Arrivals – Viva Arabashiri and Don't Forget Mom

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I am incredibly pleased to announce that the entire batch of the spring released nama (unpasteurized) sakes sold out in one month as opposed to two last year. Obviously you are enjoying the opportunity to drink extremely fresh and vibrant nama sakes.

sake clubIn this vein we are pleased to announce the arrival of two spectacular Arabashiri sakes from Masumi and Gokyo. We had both of these late spring nama sakes last year and the feedback that I gathered was extremely impressive. People love Arabashiri sake, which is called first run or rough nama sake. Basically it is unpasteurized, undiluted, and has not been charcoal filtered (not to be confused with nigori sake, which is cloudy). Arabashiri sakes have the lees (rice polishings) filtered out, and are incredibly tasty. Don't miss the boat on these two unique and flavorful sakes. ($35 and $30 respectively)

Is it snowing outside? I don't think so, but don't tell that to the brewery from Hokkaido called Otokoyama. True Sake is pleased to announce the return of Otokoyama's excellent unpasteurized "light snow" sake, which has small dancing grains of rice lees that look like snowflakes. This is a tasty sake, with a full nose of honeydew melon and a nice round honeydew flavor. So if you feel up to a little summer skiing then this nama is for you!

And of course don't forget mom. I mean come on. If it weren't for mom you would never have had your first sip of sake. So why not return the favor. Get mom a Mother's Day Gift of sake. Choose from sparkling, low alcohol, of your favorite filtered or unfiltered sake. And don't forget the packaging. You don't even need to gift wrap some of the amazingly beautiful boxes. Or get mom the gift that keeps giving: sake glassware. We have it all to make mom feel great on her special day.

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