May 2005

True Sake Newsletter May 2005

Posted by Stephen King in 2005, May, Monthly Intro, Newsletter
Welcome to the ninth installment of America's sake-centric newsletter. Firstly to all of those who fell for the April Fool's Joke – I am sorry. Secondly and most importantly people, "shochu" is the devil and I would sell wine coolers before ever selling this distilled form of weasel sauce. No more April Fool's jokes for a while. And to all the reporters who excitedly wrote to me to about their pending stories about shochu I have two words for you – headaches and heartbreak. Shochu will leave you groveling for your last Advils before you have to phone your friends and explain why you danced on their toilet and urinated in their hamper. Just say no to shochu! And now we can resume our regularly scheduled programming.

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If you have been to True Sake you will have noticed the "sugidama" that is hanging in the entranceway. A sugidama is a tightly bound ball -similar to a wreath in structure- of Japanese cedar leaves. It is found at 99.9% of the breweries in Japan and is a symbol of sake breweries themselves. The ball acts as a timepiece of sorts as it is hung in a fresh state with bright green cedar (sugi) leaves. When the ball turns brown this tells passer-byes that the brewery's sake for that season has matured and is ready for consumption. Thus green means "not ready" and brown means "go get your wallet."

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