September 2005

New Store Arrivals September 2005

sake clubTrue Sake has three new visitors to our shelves and they are all in 300ml bottles.

  • Gassan – Shimane Prefecture – Junmai Ginjo – SMV: +2
    This Ginjo is plump and soft with an array of semi-sweet flavors that expand in the mouth. Fairly floral with hints of pineapple in a perfectly balanced package. A good Ginjo to pair with oily fish sushi and salty soups. $14/300ml
  • Kikusui – Niigata Prefecture – Junmai – SMV: +3
    Well it's about time that we add Kikusui's Junmai to complement our best selling Ginjo in the store. Clean and light this Junmai has peach and plum skin flavors wrapped in a crisp package that would speak to fans of tannin wines. Crisp is as crisp does so don't be afraid to pair this sake with any form of grilled fish or fried chicken. $10/300ml
  • Crazy Milk – Oita Prefecture – Nigori – SMV: -12
    Ummmmm bad name. Really bad name, but and please don't repeat this I like it a lot! So much so that it will replace two other 300ml Nigoris in the store. Oimatsu Shuzo makes this incredibly smooth nigori that is filled with powder sugar flavors. It tastes like "Adult Milk" and take note of a hidden layer of Pez elements. I am no fan of Nigori sake, especially sweet Nigori's, but this little runt has found a home. $10/300ml

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