August 2005

New Store Arrivals August 2005

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sake clubAs more and more sakes flood into the region – the US – I am always tempted to stock as many of the new names as possible. But wait! Some of my importers still have so many great sakes that have yet to be explored by you and we will make a serious effort to cover all of our old bases before looking to steal home!

In this regard, we recently added several unique sakes from the "The Jizake" or formerly known as Sake Services Institute (SSI).


  • Bichuwajo 
    Okayama Prefecture – Junmai Ginjo
    SMV:+5 Acidity: 1.3
    A nice dry and savory Ginjo that is quite fragrant and appealing to those looking for a dryer Ginjo with full and deep flavor.
  • Miyosakae "Tenmi" 
    Ehime Prefecture – Junmai Dai Ginjo
    SMV: +3 Acidity: 1.4
    A bionic Dai Ginjo with tons of layers of attitude and story. The bottle alone is worth the extremely high price, but when you feel like splurging on a top'o-the-line Dai Ginjo give this clean and dry wonder a try!
  • Miyosakae "Bimi" 
    Ehime Prefecture – Junmai Ginjo
    SMV: +3 Acidity: 1.5
    This is the sister to "Tenmi" and also comes in the amazingly shaped bottle with a cork as well. But the packaging doesn't compare to the incredibly unique herbal quality to this sake. Truly the most herbal sake that I have ever tasted. Beautiful and clean and filled with fresh herbs!
  • Yukiwatari Nigori 
    Iwate Prefecture – Junmai Nigori
    SMV: -10 Acidity: 1.4
    $32/720ml & $16/$300ml
    Hey Nigori fans here is another milky sake to add to your collection. This really fluffy unfiltered sake has a soft and mild taste filled with all sorts of fruits. It is unique in the sense that it was cold-stored for 6 months before releasing, which adds to the softness factor.
  • Umekanon "Plum" 
    Iwate Prefecture – Plum Sake
    Okay folks the market has spoken and we have listened. There has been an increasing demand for sakes that are infused. The local brewery in Napa that has been making these sorts of sakes closed last year. Thus we have brought over for you an imported sake of note. This is not plum wine! It is a filtered sake that has had plum extracts added to it. Plum Sake. It is lower in alcohol than a typical sake (12%) and has a rolling sweetness that is well balanced and very flavorful. It is refreshing indeed and worth a try on the unusual side.

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