December 2005

Holiday 2005 Gift Giving Guide – The Perfect Gift!

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Okay relax. Take a deep breath and do not succumb to the pressure. Don't get your mango in a tango and just relax in your slacks! True Sake has you covered. From books on sake (sadly mine will not be released until March) to sake sets, and from amazingly packaged sakes to plain old reliable gift certificates for sake we have whatever you need to make you look like the star gift giver this holiday season.

Herewith are some slam dunk gifts that just rock!

  • The most amazingly packaged bottle of Kinpaku (gold leaf) sake that comes in a killer box with two sake glasses (not cups). The sake just so happens to be Beau's father's favorite sake. Wakaebisu Junmai Ginjo Kinpaku 720ml set $65.
  • A replica "jug" of tremendous honjozo sake from the brewery Takenotsuyu that comes with it's own o'choko (cup) on the top of the traditional bottle. The sake is incredibly smooth, but not as smooth as the stylish jug that comes in a beautiful box. Takenotsuyu Honjozo 720ml $40.
  • Sara Wind is a perfectly packaged quick hit gift that makes for a great drinking experience. This gift perfect sake is featured on the home page of the True Sake website. It is a great Junmai that comes in a bandana-like cloth covering that conceals a glass o'choko (cup). At $25 this 500ml is perfect as a stocking stuffer.
  • For all of those who love Himezen from Ichinokura – and that is pretty much everybody as this has become one of the best selling unique sakes in the store – we have an extremely limited number of gift packages that would make you drool! An amazing paper-parting box reveals Himezen with a beautiful paper cap that is tied with leather! Great sake and tremendous packaging. Ichinokura Himezen Junmai $35/500ml.
  • One of the tried and true gift giving sakes is the superb Dai Ginjo from Umenishiki that comes in the massive red velvet box. Known as the "Red Box" in Japan this sake is pure pleasure in the most confident packaging in the store. Umenishiki Junmai Dai Ginjo "Red Box" $65/720ml
  • For those who love stylish packaging and are looking for the "cut- above" feeling of supreme sakes please inquire about Sudo Honke's "Kakunko" $150/720ml and Kotsuzumi's Rojohanaari $150/720ml. Two of the most divine and expensive sakes in the store. Hell buy a case!
  • And for those who have it all, but have never tried the most exclusive sake every made, True Sake is in possession of 9 more bottles of the most sought after sake in Japan. Few Westerners have ever even heard about this sake that has been polished to 17%. Herewith is what the description at the store reads, and let me say that the box that this baby comes in is both massive and amazing. It is hand painted, but what else would you expect from an $850 bottle of sake? This represents the most expensive sake ever made available in the US.
    Kamenokou 17 Hyogo Prefecture.  

    Ultra Junmai Dai Ginjo
    SMV: +4 Acidity: 1.3
    This is the most sought after sake in Japan. Only 300 bottles are released each year, and these are the first and only in the US. Each grain of rice is polished to an astounding 17%, which cannot be achieved by regular milling methods. The "extinct" rice (Kameno O) that they use must be milled on a traditional water wheel for 4 days. If one were to speak about perfection look no further as this genshu is the pinnacle of the sake brewing world. Without a doubt this is the first time that Kamenokou 17 has been made available to Westerners. Descriptions do not do justice.
    WORD: Pinnacle


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