February 2006

New Store Arrivals - Black Dragon and Welcome Back Spring Namas!

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Firstly the "Spring Namas" are back. These unpasteurized sakes were a huge hit last season and once again they do not fail to disappoint. The good news is that we will hit with two "flights" of Namas this season as opposed to last. This means we are privy to three great sakes now and then in the next month or so four different Namas will be available. So by all means get them while you can. The first shipment of Special Spring Released Namas is made up of:

  • Koshinohomare "Shiboritate" 
    Junmai Nama Genshu.
    Niigata Prefecture.
    SMV: +5 and Acidity: 1.75
    This is fat, full-bodied and clean. It is a Genshu, which means that it has not been diluted and carries a higher alcohol content. It is a great sake for sushi. 
  • Kamikokoro "Tokagen" Tokubetsu 
    Junmai Nama Genshu.
    Okayama Prefecture.
    SMV: -11.5 and Acidity: 1.4
    This sake is huge in flavor with tones that are soft and sweet. And guess what? It is made with peach yeast! How cool is that? This sake speaks to foodies and those who love to unravel flavor. 
  • Harushika "Nama" 
    Junmai Ginjo Nama.
    Nara Prefecture.
    SMV: +5 and Acidity of 1.4
    This Nama is one of the most popular unpasteurized sakes in Japan. Balanced and so well structured with hints of kiwi, green grasses and apple. It is light, clean and very elegant for a raw beast. 

Well it must be a cold day in hell right now, because I said hell would freeze over before the brewery known as Kokuryu (Black Dragon) from Fukui Prefecture would ever offer their sakes in the US. I was wrong and that is all right! This powerhouse brewery makes some incredibly desirable sakes, and the good people at World Sake Imports have what it takes to represent this kura in the US. It is indeed an honor and a privilege to offer these sakes to our customers. Known across Japan as a "can never find a bottle" of this hyper-popular sake look no further than the refrigerators in True Sake. You people are indeed blessed, as it took me three years of trying before I ever tasted my first Black Dragon!

  • Kokuryu "Black Dragon" 
    Junmai Ginjo.
    Fukui Prefecture.
    SMV: +3 and Acidity: 1.4
    A gentle nose filled with hints of roasted coffee, mint, grapes and honey. This extremely well balanced sake achieves the near impossible of being both expansive in character and clean in feeling. Very popular in Japan! $30/720ml 
  • Kokuryu Tokusen "Specially Selected" 
    Fukui Prefecture.
    SMV: +4 and Acidity: 1.3
    A delightful nose filled with blackberries, pineapple, purple grapes and Red Vines. Another extremely well balanced sake with hints of light honey and tea flavors. A unique dryness emerges with each sip and the overall feeling is a slide of gentle flavors. $34/720ml 
  • Kokuryu "Ryu" "Dragon"
    Dai Ginjo.
    Fukui Prefecture.
    SMV: +4 and Acidity: 1.2
    The nose is filled with pineapple, koji rice, taffy, and white flower blossoms. The prototypical Dai Ginjo experience with a flavor that is there and then gone. Clean and superb with layers of complexity hidden in a velvety rush. Look for flinty tones dancing with mild fruit complexities and a dry finish. With "The Most" amazing label in the sake world! $80/720ml 

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