January 2006

"Ask Beau" January 2006

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beauFirstly, thank you for all of the "Ask Beau" questions last year. I must have received over 500 questions when all was said and done. And only 12 made it to the "bigs." I am thinking about offering a bottle of sake to those who craft worthy questions for others, and this will be decided next issue. So by all means keep the amazing questions coming, and there is a really good chance that 11 of you will be drinkin' for free in 06!

This month's question comes from a sake fan in Portland, Maine by the name of Candice J who asked:

"Why do I get so buzzed when I drink sake?"

Ahhhhhhh indeed a simple question but quite powerful in its feeling. Honestly Candice I get this question all the time, especially at our tasting events when somebody has already lubricated the tracks. First the myths - people perceive sake as a hard alcohol, as such subconsciously they may make their body's feel more "buzzed" when drinking sake even though as we all know it is not a hard alcohol. Secondly there is the myth that a booze that is warmed "seeps" into your bloodstream faster than regular alcohol - the old "hot tub" in a mouth scenario. Again this has not been proven to be true, in fact when heating sake you actually decrease the alcohol percentage as it dissipates or "evaporates" faster than cold or room temperature sake. This may not be a myth, but I think people drink more sake than they would drink Wine in one sitting because it is "different" and comes in different vessels and pourers etc.

Candice, my opinion is that your body is not yet conditioned to the feeling that sake gives. In other Words, it is still a new "buzz" and consequently your body processes it differently than Wine, Beer, or spirits. Of course sake has a few higher percentage points than Beer and Wine, but again I think that it is more metaphysical in the sense that different reactions come from different lubricants. I drink so much sake that the rare glass of Wine knocks me for a loop. Lastly, a buzz is what you make of it, if you are in a good space and the evening is magical then of course whatever you drink will make you feel giddy, and this is quite often the case when one saddles up to a sushi bar! Enjoy the buzz responsibly or beware of the fuzz!

Please send your sake specific questions to askbeau2 @ truesake.com. (This address is not for general questions and I only review the questions once per month. All correspondence should use info @ truesake.com.)

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