January 2006

New Store Arrivals - Juyondai "14th Generation"

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This is not a new sake, but it is so in demand and rare that whenever we get some in the store it's like having a new store arrival. The sake is one of the best ever made! And it comes from a legendary brewery. When I am in Japan I make a point of drinking lots of it and taking a bottle home. Juyondai is an aged sake (Koshu) that has been set aside for three years to "develop." It is amazing and True Sake gets roughly 10-12 bottles per year if we are lucky! This year we were not that lucky, but we did manage to get 4 bottles at an obscene price, and as such we offer them to you at an even more obscene price.

Juyondai "14th Generation" 

Yamagata Prefecture. Junmai. 
Aged 3 Years
SMV: +5 Acidity 1.9
The nose on this Koshu is full of ripe dried fruits, caramel, subtle vanilla, and steamed rice. Welcome to the world of a wide sake. The fluid doesn't enter the mouth, it oozes! The pale yellow colored Junmai clings to all the recesses of your mouth and a soft ricey-ness is enveloped by a creamy richness. The wide/fat flavor is heavy in the mouth and a lingering malty finish gives this Koshu a dream-like status.

Word: Wide
Wine: Deep reds/chewy whites
Beers: Big Ales
Foods: Monk fish liver, creamy dishes, softly spiced dishes, cheeses.

We paired Juyondai with Kani-miso (steamed crab guts) at the famous Crab-Night Sake Tasting last month, and it was phenomenal! Truly one of the best flavor pairings that I have ever orchestrated! It is such a dynamic and fun sake to drink by itself or pair with your most favorite deep and rich Foods. $200/1.8L bottle. (Only four in stock!)

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