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Look for True Sake in the News January 2006

sake in the news jan 2006By all means pick up a copy of Bon Appetit Magazine the January Issue called "Best of the Year" and read a piece on sake. Not only was I consulted for the article, but we also supplied the glassware for the shoot. Also if you are in the sky, Southwest Airlines has a little ditty on sake in their current issue of Spirit Magazine (I have yet to see the piece and would love a copy if somebody is flying). Lastly, OUTSIDE magazine will have a small cut on sake in their January or February issue, and we get some play there as well.

On a personal note, I must say that it gets a bit tricky working with people who write for magazines, newspapers etc. In the first case they come to me not knowing that much, and I make certain that they eventually do - however long that takes. I don't really care about my name being used as long as they get the sake aspect correct. In most cases they do not. I can spend two hours on the phone with somebody, and then have three follow-up calls only to read later a very diluted and "snappy" piece that misses the main points of sake.

Call me a snob, media whore or whatever, but please know that I try extremely hard to make certain that sake gets honored before my store or myself. As the West is only now coming into a better grasp of the beast called sake, it is important to keep eliminating the misconceptions and myths. But, at times quick little snapshots about sake do not do justice to the overall picture. And can actually be more confusing than enlightening.

Don't get me wrong, I like the attention, but when I see my own Words and thoughts used by somebody else without credit, or worse yet misquoting me to make themselves look a little more like an authority it makes cringe. Point being, we are going to see more and more articles on sake coming out in the next few years so consider yourself way ahead of the curve, and don't take written print as gospel. (Especially this on-line rag!) Sake is what you make of it!

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