March 2006

Summary of the "Funky" Sake - February 28th

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Herewith is a brief description of the sakes that we served at the second annual "Funky" Sake Tasting, which explores the far realms of sake from the driest to the sweetest and from Gold Flake to Sparkling. The point of the evening is to taste outside the lines of the "ordinary" sake world, and to really tear apart how sake is so versatile. And of course it is a reminder that there is a sake for everybody!

  • SAKE #1 - Sho Chiku Bai "Kinpaku."
    This is a gold flake celebration sake.
  • SAKE #2 - Yuki no Matsushima "Honjozo."
    This sake is an SMV: +20 Need I say more about one of the driest sakes in the biz?
  • SAKE #3 - Koshi no Tousetsuka.
    We tasted two versions of this Junmai Ginjo. The first was a fresh release, and the second had been aged "damaged" for three years.
  • SAKE #4 - Ichinokura "Taru."
    This is a cedar sake that explored old-school flavors.
  • SAKE #5 - Kamikokoro Nama Genshu.
    This is a unpasteurized sake made with a peach yeast!
  • SAKE #6 - Kikusakari "Red Rice."
    This is a Junmai Ginjo made with red rice.
  • SAKE #7 - Hanahato "Kijoshu."
    This is an 8 year-old dessert sake.
  • SAKE #8 - Harushika Tokimeki.
    This is a sparkling sake, which we served out of a sparkling wine flute.

All in all it was an amazing tasting, that raised a few eyebrows, and dropped a couple of jaws. I had to remind all, time and time again, that we were merely drinking rice and water. But, oh how different and "funky" each sake was from each other! Don't miss this event next year.

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