March 2006

Sake Spotlight - Miwa Wang Takes On Otokoyama Momenya

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The SAKE SPOTLIGHT segment is a chance to learn more about certain sakes from professionals or people of note in the sake world. The SPOTLIGHT will choose a sake that is available at True Sake, and the pro will break it down and build it up from their perspective for your review. And hopefully the result will be a better understanding of how the selected sake is made, what elements to look for and what impresses those who know. But, again I must state that at the end of the day you the drinker are the champion of your own palate, which is vastly different from every other palate out there. I will lead you to the water, but it is you who must drink.

This month's professional is none other than Miwa Wang, who is a Sake Sommelier (Kikisake-shi) and Manager of True Sake. Miwa is a professional chef who has taken to sake like a fish to water. She has a great sense of smell and goes deep on her descriptions of flavors.

Miwa selected a sake made in the cold of Hokkaido by a brewery that many know - Otokoyama - but still most have never heard of this Tokubetsu Junmai called Momenya.

Take it away Miwa:

Otokoyama Momenya, Tokubetsu Junmai
SMV: +5
Acidity: 1.5
From: HokkaidoMomenya opens with the gentle aroma of fruits and mineral and rustles lightly into a glass. Once poured, aromas of cream, grass, pungent apple and faint acidity from freshly roasted coffee arise From the surface. With a first sip, elegant acidity expands with dry yet smooth feel. Soon, warmness appears in the back of your throat then, a gentle flavor of grain and a fragrance of fall fruit follow. While the brightness is in the center stage, the sweetness is subtle like a soft shadow and is in the feeling rather than in the taste. And this sake ends with light powdery texture with ghost of bittersweet-ness.Momenya is a light Junmai that leaves warmness and brightness in you, and when served warm its sweetness and softness flourish. If you are up for taking a break from your regular full-bodied Junmai or from super fruity Ginjo sake, this sake will teach you a notion of "san-mi"--the acidity--in sake.

WINE: sauvignon blanc/Viognier
BEER: hoppy pilsner/IPA
FOOD: grilled fish with sea salt, spinach ohitashi, braised vegetables.

Otokoyama Momenya is available for $37/720ml and $53/1.8L

Thank you Miwa.

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