March 2006

True Sake In The News - 415 Asian Restaurant & The Wall Street Journal

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sake in the news march 2006February saw the opening of the new Asian inspired restaurant called 415 (415 Presidio Ave.) Owners John Hurley and Justin Hafen came to me to create a sake menu with a buzz, and we did just that. Weeding through roughly 25 sakes that they greatly enjoyed I crafted a menu that is really impressive on several levels. On first glance they have sakes from 9 different prefectures, and on second glance you will find "Old World Sakes" standing side-by-side with some of the "New World Sakes." For example they have Taru sake and Sparkling sake. They are starting with 13 amazing brews that I best described to them as:

"Pound for pound you have orchestrated a varsity sake menu that would speak to the intramural sports fan in all of us. It is vastly professional, but way too easy to grasp quickly. Those who know sake will nod their heads in approval and those new to sake will bow their heads to you for showing them the light."

There is a unique angle to their sake menu as well, as I directed them to serve "Premium Hot Sake." By this I mean that they do not sell hot California-made sake from a machine. Rather they use premium sakes such as Otokoyama and Nishinoseki as their sakes to warm. Probably the best "hot" sake menu in the Bay Area and the word so far is that 9 out of 10 customers are drinking cold sake.

I also happened to introduce the owners of 415 to my very dear friend Akira Yoshizuma, who is now their Head Sushi Chef. So rest assured the food is as amazing as the sake. And if you happen to visit 415 mention to your server that you are a True Sake Newsletter reader as they did one of my staff training sessions, and they rocked. (Of all the staffs that I have trained at restaurants these guys had the best training session in terms of questions and feel.) So please go drink some great sake at 415!

Also in February, The Wall Street Journal did a Saturday Journal piece on Nigori sake, and they mentioned True Sake as a good source to get the milky stuff. The prices in the article (Feb 4th) are all from True Sake, and I must say that we received a tremendous response from this blurb. To be frank, of all the press that we have received - TIME, NEWSWEEK, NY Times, NY Time Sunday Mag, Saveur, Bon Apetit, etc this little mention drove more people by phone, computer and foot to the store. I was amazed!

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