June 2006

True Sake In The News – SF Chronicle and The Satellite Interview Bonanza

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sake in the news june 2006Well, it was bound to happen. When one writes a book, upon completion, you feel as if it is done! This particular writer forgot about the whole "public arena" concept known as criticism! And yes, as my book is now on shelves across this great land the "reviews" are starting to pour in. Pun Intended! One such review came in May in the form of a SF Chronicle review by W. Blake Gray.

Blake and I have spent a lot of time speaking about sake, and he has quoted me in several articles that he produced about Japan's national beverage. (Blake also wrote an article about ughhhhh arrrrggghhhhh I can barely type it – Shocho – which he titled "Move Over Sake Here Comes Shochu) Despite the Shochu piece Blake "gets it" and is a friend to the sake world!

May also saw a two day, actually night, radio interview blitz that had me speaking to early morning drive time commuters on the east coast. Via the wonders of satellite communications and my alarm clock I did 16 interviews on one day, which started at 4AM PST and 12 interviews on the next, which started at 3:45AM PST. I hope that somebody heard me preach about the gospel of sake and the new book. On a funny note in one interview I would be speaking to a guy named Mad Dog in the Morning, and 5 minutes later I would be talking with a soft spoken NPR-type half the country away.

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