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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

"Ask Beau" May 2006

Dillon D from Chicago writes:

"What is your best selling sake and why?"

beauDillon my man I am at a loss how to answer this question. Not because I do not know the answer, but rather it's the statement of reinforcing somebody else's favorite sake, when one should find their own way and own brew. If I tell you what sake it is then readers will be inclined to buy it. This is a good thing right? But if I don't say which sake sells the most then readers will want to taste a sake that is right for them, and not be swayed by the "most popular" motif.

But since you asked, I will answer. The top selling sake in the store is a Junmai Ginjo from Niigata called Kikusui or "Chrysanthemum Water." It is a very approachable and clean sake with a crispness that speaks to those who like dryer wines with some snap. It also has some elements of acidity that speak to those who like gin and vodka. It is very user friendly on the inside! The packaging, however, accounts for most of the in-store sales. The bottle itself is light blue "pounded" glass that looks cool and mysterious. It also comes in a really retro- colored box with turquoise and yellow hues. Thus it looks great and drinks really well, and it is affordable at $10/300ml, $28/720ml with box, and $56/1.8L with box. The second and third best selling sakes are Otokoyama from Hokkaido, and the famous Wakatake Onikoroshi from Shizuoka. (Otokoyama and Wakatake are the #1 and #2 selling sakes imported from Japan in the US, and I do not know where Kikusui stacks up in the national ranking.)

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