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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

True Sake In The News – Book Launch, Qantas Magazine, Philly Enquirer, Sauce

April was a good month for free press lovin' from several media outlets. Firstly we took to the skies of Australia in a small piece in Qantas Magazine (April 06). Then we made a splash in the Philadelphia Enquirer in a nice piece about sake that was tight and informative. For those who read Japanese we had a very flattering article about my book and True Sake in the Nichi Bei Times. And lastly, I did an in-studio interview for NPR's "Mouthful with Michelle Anna Jordan" on Sunday April 30th.

Last month I forgot to mention a really clean article written by Daniel O'Malley for Sauce Magazine in St. Louis in their March Issue.

sake in the news may 2006And last but not least I had a terrific time at the Chronicle Books and 7X7 Magazine book launch party for " Sake - A Modern Guide. Chronicle Books." Unbeknownst to me several of my favorite breweries supplied sake for the event as a gift to me for peddling their wares. Otokoyama, Wakatake, and Gokyo made a good evening great! And thanks also goes to Kazu Yamazaki from Japan Prestige Sake for making that "gift" possible. Our dear friends at Sebo, who went balls to the wall to make a fantastic "occasion" that will remain with me forever, hosted the event. (I have been asked by Chronicle Books to send out an e-flyer to announce the arrival – at last – of my book and this will be the second non-newsletter email that will come from True Sake in three years! No we do not spam!)

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