July 2006

"Ask Beau" July 2006

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I recently received an email from Tracy R. who lives "outside of Chicago." She asked a very powerful and simply worded question:

"What are you afraid of in the sake world?"

ask beau july 2006My immediate and tasteless response was "an empty bottle," but I forced myself to go deeper. Deeper than "oh man there's no more sake in the house except for that bottle of sake from Australia that has been in the window for 3 years."

Okay, I will go all the way deep.

I am afraid of many things "in the sake world." But for the sake of space and time I will make a Top Ten Things That I Am Afraid Of In The Sake World List:

10) I am afraid that my customers will develop drinking problems.
9) I am afraid that the multitude of people who are entertaining the thought of going to Japan to visit breweries will be disappointed to know that they will be turned away at a great number of these kuras, for legit and not so legit reasons!
8) I am afraid that Americans and Westerners are spoiled rotten in that they have started drinking sake at the Ginjo or "Premium" sake level without doing their time drinking futsu-shu "regular" or table sake.
7) I am afraid that my peers and the actual brewers themselves scoff at the notion of sake cocktails, which have become a "big thing" in the West.
6) I am afraid that too many restaurants will jump into the sake "craze" by purchasing discounted (old) sake to make a fast buck.
5) I am afraid that my True Sake expansion program has taken a year-long pause.
4) I am afraid that the dreaded evil sauce known as Shochu will confuse and consume my sake drinkers.
3) I am afraid that Westerners will never fully accept the fact that one need not eat sushi to enjoy sake!
2) I am afraid that the Government of Japan will not honor and protect the sake industry and bestow upon it a status greater than most other Japanese industries by helping it with tax breaks and incentives, and holding it on the pedestal where it belongs!
1) I am deathly afraid of production issues soon to face these small beautiful breweries who are seeing a demand now that is sucking their supplies dry.


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