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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

Summary of the Sake Day 2006 Celebration

sake summary oct 2006Talk about a serious party! On Sunday October 1st eighty of the Bay Areas "smartest" people attended the True Sake and Mari's CateringNihonshu-No-Hi Sake Day celebration at the Fire House Building at Ft. Mason. (The event sold out in 5 days so next year do not miss this bash (We will post photos of the event later in the month at the Sake Day website.)

When all was said and done the revelers had the opportunity to taste up to 26 different sakes. We had 4 different Sake Stations that consisted of:

  1. The "Name That Sake" Station, which had three brews from Urakasumi and it was up to the participants to try and guess which sake were the Junmai, the Ginjo and the Dai Ginjo.
  2. The "Sake Experiment" Station, which consisted of damaged sake to prove the point that even old and beaten sake still tastes fine when compared to wines or beers etc. We tasted two bottles of Daishichi Kimoto Honjozo that we opened last year on Oct 1st (1999-2000) and compared those to two bottles that were old as well but were only opened on that night (1999-2000) People were blown away with how drinkable the sakes really were, especially after being open for so long!
  3. The "Blind Tasting" Station, which consisted of six disguised bottles of sake - two of which were the same brew - and it was up to the tasters to distinguish the two same sakes as well as select the sake that spoke to them. The favorite sake of the night was the Wakatake Junmai Ginjo.
  4. The "Sake Madhouse" Station, which consisted of 3 different sakes that Miwa poured to really confuse the tasters. The first were two bottles of the same sake, but one had been left in our store window for 5 months in the direct sunlight. The second sake was an aged "Vintage" brew. And lastly Miwa poured a $115 sparkling sake.

We also paired a 5 course Kaiseki meal with some seriously amazing sakes, which included the new Junmai Ginjo from Chikurin, the new Junmai from Shirataki (Jozen), the "space sake" made from yeast that was in space from Tsukasabotan, the Junmai from Takenotsuyu, the new and exclusive to True Sake Nama Genshu Ginjo from Narutotai, and the always tasty Yamahai Ginjo from Masumi.

There were tons of giveaways and prizes galore, and let's not forget the band from Okinawa that rocked the house. All in all just an amazing event that we shall repeat again next year! We have decided to get a larger venue to host more sake enthusiasts, but we promise to not dilute the quality of the evening.

Many thanks to all of those who came and reveled!

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