October 2006

The Future Back To - The Wine Aging Machine

Posted by admin in 2006, Newsletter, October

File this one under the "Those Nutty Japanese Part II" as some other Japanese scientist forewent sake and decided to make a machine that would age wine in a fraction of time.

"One day soon, Hiroshi Tanaka will take some undistinguished fermented grape juice and in about six seconds turn it into a bold chardonnay that tastes as though it's been aging in a barrel for years. Although not a wine maker or even a wine lover himself, Tanaka, an engineer from Japan working in concert with a lab in California, has invented a machine that he says can actually age wine electrically in a near instant. The strange microwave-sized box is the culmination of years of study, during which Tanaka even successfully developed his own line of machine-aged shochu. (NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) Now with the capacity to enhance two liters of wine per minute, the device can make a cheap bottle taste like an expensive vintage."DOUG CANTOR - ESQUIRE October 2006

Trust me when I tell you that I will be contacting this person in hopes of having him try his little machine on the greatest beverage ever made!

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