January 2007

New Store Arrivals - The Demon Slayer's Older Brother

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sake clubYes my good readers I work my butt off for you and your sake pleasures. I risk shame and ridicule from those great sake importers time and time again begging for "exclusive" sake offerings. I enjoy doing this, and also enjoy seeing these brews take off in popularity and become offerings for other sake fans via other sake outlets. We are not greedy here at True Sake, because we take great pleasure in identifying sakes that we believe will speak to American (and the west on the whole) palates.

Thus I am indeed honored to tell you that we now carry Wakatake's Onikoroshi's Junmai sake. "Huh? I've had that brew before. Yup the one in the square bottle!" Wait wait wait my dear friends. You have not had this brew before, as it has never left the island of Japan until this very day.

We have all - well 98% of us - have tried the Wakakate Junmai Dai Ginjo - one of the best value Dai Ginjos on the market. Likewise a great portion of us have tried the Junmai Ginjo, which is a superb drinking sake. But nooooooooobody has put their filthy little lips to the older and more stoic sake brother known as the Tokubetsu Junmai Genshu. This fat sake is a mouthful of flavor tucked into a super smooth liquid, and when I tasted it at the brewery I knew that most of you would dig it. So come on in and "dig" it!

Wakatake Onikoroshi "Demon Slayer"
From Shizouka Prefecture.
Tokubetsu Junmai Genshu.
SMV: +7 Acidity: 1.5
The gentle nose on this undiluted Junmai (18%) is a mix of berries and green plums with cinnamon and steamed rice elements. Think fat, rich and creamy as this sake carries a "Wow!" smoothness. The layers of flavor are amazing as steamed rice tones give way to a rich fruitiness when the brew comes closer to room temperature. This extremely "food friendly" Junmai speaks to those who like a mouthful of fat and chewy smoothness that is neither particularly fruity nor dry - just balanced. Look for a vein of caramel and plum expressions, and enjoy the rich complexity from one of our favorite breweries.
WINE: Chewy Pinot Noirs/Deep Whites
BEER: Creamy ales
FOODS: Anything from the land or sea - the bigger the flavor the better.

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