May 2007

Apologies and Reminders - I am the April Fool & Double Parking

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sake clubI am sorry! (Said with head bowed down looking at shuffling feat) For three years in a row I have been keeping my Newsletter readers smiling by doing something goofy for April Fool's Day. Last year if you recall True Sake had partnered up with Starbucks to open little sake kiosks in "65%" of the stores. I fooled a lot of folks, but the majority of readers said "yeah right loser boy!"

This year's "Sale of True Sake to Oprah's Harpo Productions" fooled just about everybody. But alas the joke has been on me, as I have had to extinguish fires left and right. Firstly, the Island of Japan went crazy. I received roughly 25 emails from individual breweries who collectively exclaimed "Why did you sell?" "We need you" "This is not good!" Secondly the sake bloggers sent out immediate messages to the sake community stating, "True Sake sells out of sake business" and so forth. Do you know how hard it is to describe an April Fool's joke to a Japanese guy?

Then the emails from home started flooding in. "Well done!" "Damn" "Wow this will make you and sake big time." "This is great for sake - talk about mainstream" And yes these emails hurt as well, because in a sense it would help to make sake more mainstream if the Oprah machine were driving. I will be honest here when I say that I had to reply to over 200 emails stating, "It was a JOKE." And so yes, the JOKE was on me. (Even though roughly 50 emailers immediately said "BS" in not so fanciful ways, which made me smile, the whole exercise has been a dud!

So, and for the last time, I am SORRY for making an April Fool's Joke. The only positive that came from this is that it has confirmed that we have bucket loads of readers, not only here in the US but in Japan (I was flat out flattered by three of the owners of breweries who I had no idea subscribed to the Newsletter - they are powerful guys!)

I now have a year to think about next year's April Fool's Joke - or not!

On a second front, and this is a reminder to all of my local readers. Please do not forget to take advantage of True Sake's policy regarding parking in front of the store. We know that parking is a nightmare in SF - everywhere in SF! As such we have a policy that if you double park on Hayes Street in front of our store, open your trunk (as if you are actively loading or unloading) and throw on your emergency "blinking" lights - we will watch your car while you shop. And if you get a ticket, we will pay for it! To date, we have not paid for one ticket!

And we also get the folks who call on their cell phones as they are driving up and we basically prepare an order for them, which is then ready for their arrival. No matter how you do it, just remember getting sake is not a hassle.

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