April 2007

Sake Moment - Smiling In Front of The Fridge

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Last week I was working the store and was standing behind the counter when a Japanese gal in her late 20's came into the store. I greeted her and then went back to replying to some emails. Several moments later I felt a need to look over at my customer and when I did, at that exact second I saw here smiling. Hmmm? What was she smiling about? There was no earphone piece, no I-Tune thingy, she just had the most pleasant smile on her lips and something within the fridge made her smile.

I felt compelled to ask. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but may I ask what you were smiling about?" She blushed a little and then said, "I really love that sake," and pointed to a brew in one of the fridges. I told her that the momentary smile on her face did wonders for my sake soul. In a word, that is the essence of sake. A smile. A memory. A momentary pause in this wacky world.

We get so many customers coming in on the quick - "Hey I am late for a party, can you pick out a sake for me? Or we get those quiet readers who say nothing but simply slide through the store reading away. We get the impatient folks who demand serious attention, and of course we get our repeaters who always bring a smile to our faces. But this woman's smile at a bottle of fermented rice spoke so vividly. In my four years of selling sauce, that was the first time that I experienced sake without words, taste, or feeling. And for that I thanked her!

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