April 2007

Sake Spotlight - Charles Dirksen Finds A Brewery In North America!

Posted by Beau Timken in 2007, April, Newsletter, Sake Spotlight

Well here's a huge "hat's off" to my valued reader base, as this month's "Sake Spotlight" really shines on an entire brewery instead of a specific sake. This is unusual on several different levels including the fact that A) I was clueless about this "kura" and B) it's a brewery making sake outside of Japan.


Thank you to a True Sake Newsletter reader and sake soul Charles Dirksen who not only found the brewery but also put it through its paces. He even scored me a bottle to taste! So without further True- Do, please take note of a sake brewery in Vancouver Canada, discovered by one of your fellow readers:


"Beau - Not sure how familiar you are, if at all, with the sake brewery ("Artisan Sake Maker") that recently opened up in Vancouver on Granville Island. For some info see:

Schema Magazine article
North Shore News article


"I visited there yesterday and it has a very small storefront, and the brewery itself appears to be tiny. (I think I saw the entire two-floor operation from the storefront.) They were selling three sake's (at least to the public) as of last week, but one of them sold out on Saturday. I have never really liked Nigori all that much due to its milky texture and bitterness (is that the right word?), but I nevertheless really enjoyed the texture and taste of the Junmai Nama Nigori that they're selling. I lack the impressively brilliant vocab you have for describing such things! I also tried the Junmai Nama (JN) and Junmai Nama Genshu (JNG). As of yesterday they had completely sold out of the JNG, and for good reason -- it is YUMMY. Of course, the JN is delicious as well, comparing very favorably with similar high quality sakes that you've recommended to me over the years or that others at True Sake have recommended to me. (Sadly I can't give you names of those sakes!) I enjoyed a bottle of the JN last night with my wife. It was very good with the excellent sushi we had for dinner, but it was also wonderful to simply drink it. In any event I just wanted you to know that I thought of you and wondered whether you knew anything about this brewer/brewery. If you'd like me to bring you down some bottles, please just ask. It'd be an HONOR and a pleasure to introduce YOU to a sake for a change. I get up there every couple weeks and it would not be much trouble for me to bring some bottles down for you."


Thanks again Charles for bringing this very interesting brewery to light!


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