July 2007

"Ask Beau" July 2007

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This month's question is one that we fielded regularly at the store and it has to do with the all important "value" shopper. Steven Q from Mountain View, CA asked:

"What is the best dollar for quality value sake in your store."

Beau Timken

Ahhh a very easy question to answer - all of them! (We do have really great pricing I will say that!) But to enter into the "spirit" of you question I will list four sakes - one in each bottle size that I feel are "under priced" for the quality of the sake that comes out. And please note this is just one dude's opinion, and it would probably change next week.

  • 300ml/$8 - Takenotsuyu Yuki Honoka - Single Pasteurized Junmai from Yamagata. (Ironically there is a chance that this brew's price will go up soon.)
  • 500ml/$20 - Meibo Yowano Tsuki - Junmai Ginjo from Aichi Prefecture.
  • 720ml/$23 - Dassai - Junmai Ginjo from Yamaguchi Prefecture.
  • 1.8L//$38 - Tamanohikari Junmai Ginjo from Kyoto Prefecture


Please send your sake specific questions to askbeau2 @ truesake.com. (This address is not for general questions and I only review the questions once per month. All correspondence should use info @ truesake.com.)

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