July 2007

Sake Destination - Koji Sake Lounge in San Jose

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sake destination july 2007I am pleased to announce that another sake establishment exits on this great ball of mud!

Two months ago Koji Sake Lounge opened in San Jose, California. I had the great honor to work with Kathy and Tone (owners) on their menu, and true to form we produced a terrific sake list that reflects their preferences and styles. As a starting point they offer 20 hand-picked sakes (10 by the glass) (6 x 300ml) with 2 different sake flights. There are 15 sake cocktails (it is a lounge!) and 2 infused sakes. They will add seasonal offerings this summer.

When you go expect to see a dark and sleek interior with nice plush booth seating and a tall and crisp bar. It is a pretty late night destination that is hip and cool. Currently the popular brews being consumed at Koji are Masumi Okuden, Bishonen, Otokoyama, and Umenishiki. The freshness of their brews is very evident and their glassware compliments each category of sake. And the good news is that they only carry one Nigori. (But sadly that will change, as you must listen to your market!)

They have been getting significant press and here is a solid write up mentioning yours truly: http://www.metroactive.com/metro/06.20.07/dining-0725.html

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