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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

Grillin' Season - Top Ten Grilling Foods Paired With Sake

We hear it all the time - it is the gold standard line of customers when they come to True Sake to buy a bottle of sake for dinner - "What goes well with sushi?" Aaaaahhhhhhhh! The sake world outside of Japan is very blessed to be "associated" with the sushi world. It has brought us a lot of sake drinkers - 9 out 10 folks say that their first sip of sake came at a sushi restaurant - but it is also a serious disadvantage for us who want to open consumers eyes to the fact that sake goes with much more than sushi! (I have written in past Newsletters that in fact most drinker/eaters in Japan do not drink sake with sushi - it is a rice on rice sort of deal - and pair their rice beverage with sashimi more often than not)


Now back to your stomach! As this is the season of "Grillin'" I wanted to produce for you a gentle reminder about the flexibility and dexterity of sake when it comes to dancing with anything off of the grill. In Japan you can get most any food substance grilled. You name it - they grill. As such, the flavor of sake goes extremely well with anything off of the coals - or gas - or rocks - the hood of your car. There is something about that semi-charred, semi-salty, semi-juicy flavor that highlights the starch factor of sake so much more than the heated flavors grappling with grape wine. Sake works! Plain and simple.


So herewith are "The Top Ten Grillin' and Sake Chillin'" food pairings for the summer. I have selected a range of sakes that are delicious and won't break the bank. (Several are for that special occasion!) Take them for what they are - partners in crime, bussom buddies, kissin' cousins, bedmates, cellmates, and dangerous liaisons. Bottom line is that we do not want you to forget sake when the flames of summer are fanning, when your skin is red, and when you are at ease. Summer grilling rhymes with sake. (In some language I hope)


Top Ten Grillin' and Sake Partners:



Steaks - Hiraizumi Yamahai Junmai $34/720ml
Deep ricey flavors dance with the juice of the meat!



Chicken - Hakkaisan Honjozo $29/720ml
Semi-dry brew brings out more fruit when there is a little salt!



Burgers - Taiheizan Junmai $21/720ml
Super smooth texture with deep flavors jumps all over the meat and bun!



Ribs - Kamoizumi Junmai Ginjo $29/900ml
Sauce gets a sucker punch from this dirty Ginjo!



Corn - Hoyo Junmai $24/720ml
Creaminess of the corn is made sweeter by this smooth brew!



Shrimp - Yamahoushi Junmai Ginjo $42/720ml
Clean and fruity Ginjo pulls out the natural sweetness of the shrimp!



Sausage - Wakatake Junmai Genshu $30/720ml
Deep Genshu flavor stands up to the spice and the juices!



Veggies - Gokyo Junmai $24/720ml
This brew's mushroom tones dance with all veggies!



Fish - Umenishiki Junmai Ginjo Genshu $29/720ml
Round zesty fruit of this Genshu explodes with the fall of the flake!



Weenies - Tomio Junmai Dai Ginjo $35/720ml
Come on! Dai Ginjo with a hot dog - need I say more?


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