September 2007

Sake Moment - Take a Slide With Namu!

Posted by admin in 2007, Newsletter, September

sake moment sept 2007On a whim and because I have heard nothing but great things about the place, I decided to stop in on an Asian Fusion restaurant called Namu after I closed the store one night. I was solo, which is never a problem for me, but saw a friend - Bob Kantor from Memphis Minis - who also had snuck out after work and we dined and drank some great sake together!

The place positions itself as a Korean and Japanese inspired kitchen but the sake menu is all Japan! With 15 sakes on hand you will find glasses from $6-$12 and bottles from $27-$170 (for a 1.8L). The names are familiar but they do have some unique brews to look for - Denshu, Dewazakura Omachi, and two from Chikurin. Ahhh yes the same Chikurin as described above!

If you like the "feel" of food then I recommend the Ocean Salad (red, green and wakame seaweed, cucumber dressing $8) I paired this with the Chikurin Junmai "Fukamari" for $8.50. As to be expected the salad has a "slimy" texture to it that is yummy to some and funny to others, and the Chikurin played off of this with its smooth and creamy feel. Truly a "texture play" that works very well with a mix of "veggie" from the salad and a hint of almond tones from the Junmai. Solid and silky this pairing is for those who like things to slide on the palate and are deep in flavor.

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