August 2007

New Store Arrivals - Summer Namas, Watari Bune 55, Kaika Shizuku

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sake clubOkay - they're still here for a short time! The "Late Spring" "Early Summer" Namas are back in the store and ready for your drinking attention. On the whole this four-pack of unpasteurized sakes are more subdued and elegant than the roaring Genshus that came in the "Early Spring." This particular collection speaks in several directions - as they did last year. The theme however is light and dryer with hints of fruit and far more clean drinking experiences. Our top selling Nama from last season the Ohyama Nama (just fun saying that!) is back along with stellar offerings from Umenishiki, Tsukasabotan and Otokoyama.

In a nutshell (Like Austin Powers - "Hey look, I'm in a nutshell") if you are looking for the most "Nama" of experiences look toward the Ohyama where fruit is balanced out in sort of a dry way! If you want crisp and clean take hold of the Tsukasabotan. For that super soft drinking experience gravitate towards the Otokoyama. And for the most elegant of the lot try the Umenishiki Junmai Dai Ginjo Nama for a clean and creamy experience.

Also we have a new Junmai Ginjo offering and a Dai Ginjo that has been around, but not reviewed.

Watari Bune 55 "Ferry Boat"
From Ibaraki Prefecture.
Junmai Ginjo.
SMV: +3 Acidity: 1.5
The nose on this Ginjo is filled with mineral, cherry, beet, and grain elements. Talk about a "boat ride" of flavors and feelings - this earthy brew has deep and rich elements highlighted by a vein of fruit - melon - hidden amongst the layers of nutty and woody tones. Some say they like the compact personality of this sake, whilst others say they feel a vast array of complexity, but all agree that it is smooth and excessively drinkable. This rice strain is the father to Yamadanishiki so it is no wonder that the flavors pop and the feeling is smooth.
WORD: Earthy
WINE: Dirty reds/earthy whites
BEER: Pilsners
FOODS: Grilled salty fish, yakitori, hearty soups, meaty pasta.
Kaika Tobindori Shizuku 
From Tochigi Prefecture.
Dai Ginjo Shizuku.
SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.2
Hand's down the best packaging in sake - replicates the bottles used for national sake competitions. The dynamic nose on this "Shizuku - gravity trickle" sake is made up of sea water, melon, magnolia, vanilla, and marshmallow elements. This is a very intense Dai Ginjo with a lot of "action" in a very soft and succulent delivery. Chewy and dry it has hints of fruit but overall drinks dry with a tickle of umami hidden amongst crisp flavor expressions. It is indeed soft and has a way of grabbing your attention one drop at a time.
WORD: Soft
WINE: Deep reds/complex whites
BEER: Belgian ales
FOODS: Cuisine celebrating complexity!

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