October 2007

Ask Beau - "Do You Special Order Sake?"

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There were a lot of really good questions this month - somebody even wanted to know at what temperature should they store their brewing yeast for sake! - But I selected the question that gets the most interest day in and day out. So for you David P. from Oregon who wrote: "Can I special Order Sake From Your Store" this brew is for you!

Beau Timken

Special ordering takes soooooo many forms. Some folks want a sake that is not exported to the US - some want sakes they had in a restaurant in NYC - some want one bottle of a brew that they "think" is available in the US - and of course some don't want a whole bottle of sake, but rather a small bottle (300ml) of a sake that they enjoyed one night out!

So I guess the time has come to define! True Sake will special order sakes that are available in the US. Now to meet costs we must mandate that you need to order a minimum of 6 bottles of that particular sake. Why? Because we usually have to buy a case and if you only want one bottle then we are left with 5 bottles of a sake that we do not want to carry. So six is the magic number! And no we do not do discounts on cases, because our distributors do not do discounts on cases. It's that simple.

The good news is that there are almost over a 1,000 sakes in use and registered in the US. That means that we can special order you so many different brews. We can also encourage our importers to take a look at a brewery in Japan and consider carrying their line of sakes if you feel that they are superb.

Now there is a subtle difference between East Coast and West Coast sakes. Some importers in the East do not send their sakes West and likewise, some importers in the West do not send their Sake East. So, if you do have a good brew in NYC one special night and you do remember the name of the sake and ask us to obtain it - here is basically what will happen. We will call our local distributor of that importer's sakes and ask if it is available in the West for example. If our distributor says that they do not send that brew to the West Coast then we would have to request a serious special order. This could take a while.

On the whole just remember the quality and timing issue. If a brew that you want will take 6 months to get to us, then there is a chance that we will talk you out of it. But on the whole we have a 70% success rate in special ordering sake for our terrific customers.

Please send your sake specific questions to askbeau2 @ truesake.com. (This address is not for general questions and I only review the questions once per month. All other correspondence should use info @ truesake.com.)

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