December 2007

Sake Bummer - Oil Slick Blues

Posted by admin in 2007, December, Newsletter, Sake Bummer

Add oil spills to the list of natural and un-natural occurrences that have adverse effects on the sake industry. Forget sake bummer dec 2007Typhoons and early frosts - forget rice eating insect invasions or excessively hot summers. In November a loser of a shipping captain took a chance and tried to navigate San Francisco Bay by using "the Force." With no radar and heavy fog said loser hit a bridge! Yup smacked a bridge - The Bay Bridge to be exact. The result of such abused Jedi Mind Skills were 58,000 of crude oil floating across the Bay and up and down the coast. I was quite peeved on two counts - well three actually if you consider my concern for the environment being an actual peeve. Firstly I swim in the bay. I am one of those crazy Alcatraz and GG Bridge swimmers out of the South End Rowing Club. And the beaches were all closed, including ours! That said we have some hard asses in the club and for certain I thought that we would have some guys hitting the water with floating globs of fuel! They didn't and neither did I. It was nasty, and never before have I been so close to something "that you see on TV but never happens to me." I will never forget looking out over Aquatic Park and watching dozens of birds splashing/twitching/shaking themselves trying to get the oil off of their feathers. What a bummer.

My second peeve about this oil slick was that I had to cancel our very famous Kani Night (Crab Night) which pairs fresh crab prepared 6 different ways with 6 sakes. They delayed the official opening of Crab Season and as a result we had no crab. No crab = No Kani Night. And that is my Sake Bummer of the Month. (But if you have access to fresh crab or other shellfish don't forget to pair those babies with sake!)

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