April 2008

Ask Beau - "Is there anybody else out there?"

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I was a little down in the dumps the other day. Just a sort of "life sucks" afternoon when I received and email from Sarah H. from Boulder, CO. who asked

"I am so into sake right now, can't learn enough, read enough, drink enough, that I feel as if I am the only one. Is there anybody else out there who is into it as much as me? And what do they do about it?"

Beau Timken

Sarah, in a word NO! You are a freak. Get help! NOT! Listen woman, we are all sake freaks, and we are all looking for answers. You are not alone. I feel like "Close Encounters of The Third Kind," except I am making sake breweries out of mud instead of mountains out of mashed potatoes. We are out there. We all want to know the answers, and of course the brewers want to know the questions. They have been dying to hear from groups of appreciative consumers who want to know what they do and why? So get a pen and a book and start writing down your thoughts and experiences, because more than not you will discover things - a way to heat a sake, a Nigori that drinks great at room temp, a Ginjo that tastes great after being opened in your fridge for three weeks etc - and start roping in that information so that you can share it like the following email that I received the other day from Antonis (LA) that reads:

Hi Beau, I was just getting into this Kamoizumi that I bought from True Sake, reading your notes in last month's newsletter, innocently sipping on a tofu and shiitake soup, when it hit me: how about Roquefort? So I took out a high-end Roquefort, L' Aigle Noir, to give it a try. Wow! They both sung to each other. Somehow the fermented overtones of the Kamoizumi spoke to the mold in the Roquefort. The sake got sweeter and the cheese became the savory base on top of which the flavors in the sake built. Who would a thunk it. Or maybe it's my weird taste buds. Either way, thanks for a great, unusual sake!

Sarah meet Antonis! You guys are both out there! You both want to discover - to learn - to appreciate sake for what this marvelous beverage was - is - and will be in the future!

We are not alone!

Please send your sake specific questions to askbeau2 @ truesake.com. (This address is not for general questions and I only review the questions once per month. All other correspondence should use info @ truesake.com.)

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