March 2008

"Ask Beau" - March 2008

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This month's "Ask Beau" comes from a little bird that inquired about my way of communicating sake at True Sake. This little bird asked

"Your reviews are so in-depth and must take a lot of time, why do you make the effort and are you getting tired of such a system?"

Beau Timken

Firstly the answer is no! I do not get tired of things that excite and challenge me (and trust my when I say that writing reviews is both exciting and challenging). I could easily make a review that states one or two words like "Light and Dry" or "Rich and Full-Bodied." But this just doesn't help sake drinkers at this point in time. And truthfully my goal is to get people into a bottle of sake for the sole purpose of letting the sake do the talking. It sells itself, but customers need a little nudge in one direction or another. One or two words is not an ample nudge. That is why I take so much time and effort to really taste each sake - to understand it fully - to be able to describe it with and accuracy that takes away any guesswork. This process is indeed time consuming and requires a lot more attention. Hopefully form my customers' point of view it is worth it.

Secondly, I now have great help at the store in the form of Miwa and Lynette, and they know their brews! So starting this month we are having "Miwa and Lynette's Selects" which will take the form of a sake per month that they both select, review and champion. These sakes will be brews that are not part of our current inventory, so it will be up to them to get you the customer into a bottle! I will mention this more in a new section of the Newsletter next month.

Please send your sake specific questions to askbeau2 @ (This address is not for general questions and I only review the questions once per month. All other correspondence should use info @


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