February 2008

Sake Story - A Poem By Name Only!

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What's in a name? Well if you were a sake it would be a story on a label! Add a little St Valentine's Day love twist and herewith is the first Ad-Libs version of an uncompromising abuse of the "street names" of many of our sakes at True Sake. Try to follow along and if you start crashing then read the bottom of this section for the "answers."

............Once upon a time a Kura no Hana (1) met a Bishonen (2) at Gokyo (3) where they could hear the Hiraizumi (4). The Kura no Hana introduced herself as Nanbu Bijin (5) and the Bishonen introduced himself as Wakatake Onikoroshi (6). In her mind she hoped that he was Sato no Homare (7) and not a Kudoki Jozu (8). And secretly he wished that she were a Shutendouji (9) and not a Kanbara (10).

He handed the gal a glorious bunch of Sanka (11), and she presented to him an Okuden Kantsukuri (12). The flower bouquet made her head feel like Rihaku (13), and in her gift he saw Fukunishiki (14). For quite some time she played Karen (15) and all the while he comfortably drank his cup of Oimatsu (16). She imbibed some Himezen (17) and he continued to drink more and more Kikusui (18) to the point where he almost became a Suigei (19).

Feeling confident he summoned up his Dewazakura Nama Genshu (20) and asked if she would like to make a Senchu Hassaku (21)? Filled with love and deep emotions and feeling like a Rojohanaari (22) she proposed following the Meibo (23) on a Watari Bune (24) to a secluded Yuki no Bosha (25). He quickly agreed and she said "Let's go then my Token Shariku (26)."

Rather unexpectedly their Watari Bune (27) was attacked by a Kokuryu (28) and recalling great stories of the Shichi Hon Yari (29) he pulled out and expertly used his Ken (30). Filled with relief and great love she looked to the Koshiki Junzukuri (31) and prayed that he would propose to her.

Outside of their Yuki no Bosha (32) the enchanted couple could hear the Yuki Honoka (33) and he wondered to himself what his Yamahoushi (34) would recommend he do. She thought of a dream that she had had during a long ago Hatsuhana (35) and ever so quietly asked if he would like to visit her Taisetsu (36)? He said yes and proceeded to reveal his Otokoyama (37). She gasped and then slowly undressed revealing her Umenishiki (38).

They wiggled and giggled - they moved and grooved - they went this way and that - and finally they consummated their love with a Kikuizumi (39).

Then the Bishonen (40) acting like a Kira (41) snuck out of the Yuki no Bosha (42) while she was sleeping!

The End!

(1) Fair Maiden (2) Beautiful Boy (3) 5 Bridges (4) Splashing Spring Water (5) Southern Beauty (6) Demon Slayer (7) Pride of The Village (8) Pick-Up Artist (9) Vulnerable Virgin (10) Bride of The Fox (11) Mountain Flowers (12) Mirror of Truth (13) Dreamy Clouds (14) Happy Fortunes (15) Coy (16) Crazy Milk (17) Princess Food (18) Chrysanthemum Water (19) Drunken Whale (20) Primal Strength (21) Great Plan (22) Lovely Flower (23) Midnight Moon (24) Ferry Boat (25) Cabin In The Snow (26) Samurai (27) Ferry Boat (28) Black Dragon (29) The Seven Spearmen (30) Sword (31) Northern Skies (32) Cabin In The Snow (33) Gentle Snow (34) Mountain Buddhist (35) First Flower Nap (36) Garden of The Divine (37) Man's Mountain (38) Gorgeous Plum (39) Fountain of Joy (40) Beautiful Boy (41) Devil (42) Cabin In The Snow

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