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We're open for online orders, store pick up, and same-day door service. (415) 355-9555.

Sake Moment - JG Turns 100

sake moment may 2008I'd like to take a moment to mark a milestone for my buddy John Gauntner who just submitted his 100th Sake World Newsletter this month. That century mark is quite an achievement - so says the lowly dude who is submitting his 45th News Letter this month.

The professionalism and dependability of John's sake writings are second to none - in the English tongue! (Saw Dr. Seuss tonight!) And I tip my cap to a guy who has busted his rear doing the very difficult job of extolling the meaning and virtues of this most sacred beverage.

For those without calculators 100 issues translates to 8 ¼ years of putting lips to glass - pen to paper - fingers to keyboard and - efforts to virtual sake fanatics world wide. John went from the Japan Times to the big time because of his love and resolve for sake and we are all indebted to his enthusiasm and love for the brew.

I know how hard it is to crank out meaningful - insightful - and useful information once a month / every month. (Not saying that I produce meaningful-insightful-useful info!) And I know how demanding it is raise the bar each issue. JG puts incredible pressure on himself and it shows! (I also tip my cap to John's most excellent wife, who probably sees the dark side of the beast when certain issues just wont write themselves.)

So drop John a note - tell him to keep it up! He's got at least another 250 issues in him!

We are lucky to have this man in our corner of the masu.

PS. JG did not sign off on this photo!

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