April 2008

Sake Moment - When Next In The Bahamas "Shogun"

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A true friend to True Sake - Michael Pataran - sent me the following notice of his new restaurant that he opened in the Bahamas:

Shogun Revolver"As the engines of a mighty Ninja sport bike roar, there is now a new rumble in the Bahamas. In Nassau, just across from Atlantis Resort; Shogun Revolver restaurant • lounge • terrace has opened to accolades from critics and patrons alike. Uber-Chef Michael Pataran (originally from Toronto, Canada) has created this funky," London- ie", "New York- esque" spot with a hot new vibe and chic, surreal feel. Pataran has brought that "missing touch" that was so badly needed on the island.
In Pataran's true passionate fashion; Shogun also carries a well represented sake list of about 15 selections ranging from happo-sei to kimoto and nigori to genshu. With an attractive by the glass, tokkuri, bottle and issho-bin options; there are many a fine sake to be had. The menus are modern Japanese with the lounge focusing on kobachi (small plates) style dishes, while the dining room leans toward Pataran's signature "Faith" tasting menus (available in 5 and 7 course with sakes and wines to match each course); as well as the more traditional starter/main alternative. With a 26-seat dining room, 30- seat lounge and 32-seat Harborview terrace; Shogun Revolver is quickly becoming the hottest ticket on the island (reservations highly recommended)."

restaurant • lounge • terrace
East Bay Street (Before the P.I Bridge) Nassau, Bahamas

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