July 2008

New Store Arrivals - Tenmei, Ishizuchi, Watari Bune (Say Goodbye to Kakunko)

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new store arrivals july 2008They have been on the shelves for a while, but True Sake has three new brews to explore. Also, please say hello and goodbye to one of the fun sakes in the industry - Kakunko from Sudo Honke brewery in Ibaraki Prefecture - makers of Sato no Homare. Kakunko is the ultra Dai Ginjo (27% milling) from the oldest brewery in Japan. It comes in a really impressive gold canister and retails for $150/720ml. So why is it out? Because they changed the prices on us and we would now have to sell this brew for $225, and it is not worth that amount! Sorry! We did stock up on some extra bottles at $150 for those who want to at least climb this mountain of a brew while it is still priced relatively cheaply (for a super premium exotic sake).

Tenmei "Heavenly Light"
From Fukushima Prefecture.
Dai Ginjo.
SMV: +2 Acidity: N/A
This unique sake has bold nose filled with cocoa, leather, marshmallow, honey and mint elements. Say hello to a different sort of Dai Ginjo -not bright, not fruity, not simple! Rather this brew has a rich and solid smoothness that speaks to those who enjoy a hint of bitterness nestled amongst rich chocolate, raisin, and cocoa flavors. There is a gentle sweetness but the overall drinking experience is deep, rich and round with a dry finish. This is not your "Mother's Dai Ginjo," but it is a mother of a premium sake. More complexities come out near room temperature.
WORD: Cocoa
WINE: Full-bodied reds/Rich whites
BEER: Belgian Ales
FOODS: Complex cuisines, ptés, rich meats, caramelized dishes.
Ishizuchi Shirouma "White Horse" 
From Ehime Prefecture.
SMV: -7 Acidity: 1.3
This potent Nigori (unfiltered cloudy sake) has a big aroma field with rice, yogurt, vanilla and chalky elements. If you like brisk and crisp Nigori-sake then this 21% alc. brew is for you. A bronco-ride of a Nigori with semi-dry and tight flavors such as tangerine, young cherry, and a tingle of lemon tones. The crispness is immediate making this brew a great food pairing sake. Not your typical "cloudy" sake, which makes for great exploration and a value at 900ml.
WORD: Wild
WINE: Tight reds/Crisp whites
BEER: Snappy Ales
FOODS: Grilled, spicy, hot, bar snacks.
Watari Bune "Ferry Boat"
From Ibaraki Prefecture.
Junmai Dai Ginjo.
SMV: +3 Acidity: 1.4
The aroma field on this ultra (35%) Dai Ginjo is filled with pineapple, grape, tropical fruit, and pine needle elements. This is an extremely elegant, layered and soft sake that has very buoyant drinking qualities. Watari Bune is an ancient rice varietal grown in Ibaraki and only used by a handful of breweries. Look for deep and deeper flavors of strawberry, cantaloupe, and pineapple - take note of an anise echo. Clean, rich and round with a very elegant tail. More fruit comes out closer to room temp.
WORD: Elegant
WINE: Soft reds/Deep whites
BEER: Ales
FOODS: Very gentle and clean cuisines.

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