June 2008

Sake Events - Save These Dates: July 27th and October 1st

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June 15 - Takenotsuyu Father's Day Tasting

SozaiMasao Aisawa from Takenotsuyu Brewery in Yamagata Prefecture and Sozai Restaurant/Izakaya team up for a Father's Day Tasting celebrating this brewery's excellent sakes.
Please read the email description from Sozai Restaurant:

  • Title: Father's Day Sake Pairing Featuring Take no Tsuyu Shuzo
  • What it is: Over the brief history of Sozai Restaurant, Take no Tsuyu (Bamboo Tears) Junmai has become the "Sake of the Inner Sunset," a huge hit with anyone seduced to try it by General Manager Gil Payne. It is Sozai's top selling Sake, and Gil's absolute favorite sake to have with Izakaya-style tapas! To take advantage of Take no Tsuyu owner/master brewer - Sakagura-san's brief visit to the Bay Area, we have the honor of inviting you to experience a sake pairing with four of his wonderful sakes with four specially crafted tapas plates. We have the added benefit and honor of meeting him and hearing the story of this outstanding kura from Yamagata-ken. Additionally, Gil & Mari have the honor of hosting Mari's father (who spawned Gil's wider interest in sake) and mother from Yokohama.
  • When: Sunday, June 15th, Father's Day, 6 - 8 PM
  • How Much: $30 per person for four sakes and four plates [Regular menu to be available following the tasting.]
  • Who to contact: For reservations, call Sozai at 415-681-7150. You will be contacted back for confirmation and payment.


June 26th - Sake Tasting at Anzu

AnzuCome and meet the brewers of Kasumi Tsuru (a master of Kimoto and Yamahai brewing) and Wataribune (who revived the mystic Wataribune rice). There will be 8 sakes to taste, including a Namazake from each brewery, with appetizers by Chef Barney Brown.

  • When: Thursday, June 26th, 6pm - 7pm
  • Where: Anzu (at Nikko Hotel) 222 Mason St. SF
  • 8 Sakes to be poured:
    • Kasumi Tsuru Kimoto Extra Dry
    • Kasumi Tsuru Yamahai Ginjo
    • Kasumi Tsuru Yamahai Junmai
    • Wataribune Shiboritate Namazake Genshu
    • Taiheikai Tokubetsu Junmai
    • Wataribune Junmai Ginjo 55
    • Wataribune Junmai Daiginjo
  • Price: $35 inclusive
  • What else: Limited to 30 people. Validated parking
  • Reservations: Call Anzu to make your reservation: 415-394-1108



July 27 - True Sake's 5th Anniversary Party at Sebo 
Save The Date - more info to come in the July Newsletter.


August 10-12 - Sake Professional Course in SF 
Hosted by John Gauntner (sakecoursestateside @ sake-world.com)


October 1st - True Sake Presents: Sake Day 2008 
Save The Date (THIS EVENT ALWAYS SELLS OUT IN DAYS) - more info to come.


October 23rd - Joy of Sake in SF 

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