August 2008

Ask Beau - "How much feedback do you get for all of your newsletter writing efforts?"

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ask beau aug 2008Ahhhhh so many "AskBeau" emails this month! Which one should I pick? By the way, the questions have been getting far more "intense" each and every year - learning curve much? I had several on storage - may do that next month - but one email question stood out, because it is a question that you may all answer. From Miami Beach, FLA I received the following:

"Beau, how much feed-back do you get for all of your newsletter writing efforts?"

- Dennis R.

Dennis, all I can say is lots! Lots and lots! And trust you me! (Sounds so much better saying that than typing it.) I get so many replies that make me feel - at the end of the day! (love typing that more than saying it) - great! It's nice to be appreciated for my efforts. But remember my efforts are my love, even though it does get rough to make a monthly mouthful!

In this regard, I also enjoy the education and reminders that so many readers share with me. And this month is a perfect example, because last month we penned a piece about water in the sake making industry. Herewith is "feed-back" email from a reader that gives a great perspective on the "ratio" of water in the brewing process. (And again Dennis, this is the juice that keeps me going!)

Hi Guys,

Congrats on five years in business. I just read the Ask Beau of the month, and I wanted to share some info. A friend of mine, Taka Yamauchi, the toji and owner of Watari Bune, your new daiginjo (excellent) once told me that sake costs more than beer because the water to grain ratio for beer is 9 to 1, whereas the ratio for sake is 1.3 to 1. It is for this reason, Taka has added the brewing of shochu to his generations old family business. It pays the bills.

Keep up the good work,

David Padberg
Chef de Cuisine
Park Kitchen (Portland)

Ouch! Please disregard David's last sentence about Shochu - remember Shochu is the devil's drink! Thank you both Dennis and David!

Please send your sake specific questions to askbeau2 @ (This address is not for general questions and I only review the questions once per month. All other correspondence should use info @

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