August 2008

New Store Arrivals - The Summer Nama Ship Has Docked At True Sake

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new store arrivals aug 2008The sake boat has docked once again and today's cargo is a new flight of nama sakes from throughout Japan. In a word, this assortment of brews speaks to those who like dryer unpasteurized raw sakes. Clean, compact, and light all four different sakes have a similar characteristics - Dry! Whereas the spring nama flights had lots of acidity and big fruit explosiveness, this four-pack goes the other direction - light and tight! So check out four new arrivals from Otokoyama, Tsukasabotan, Umenishiki, and Ohyama.

  • Otokoyama Sasaori "Man's Mountain"

From Hokkaido Prefecture.
Nama Tokubetsu Junmai.
SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.4
The nose on this misty unpasteurized sake is filled with apple, peach, green grasses, and cinnamon elements. Think light and tight - a fairly dry brew that has hints of apple and young peach tones with a lightening quick finish. A very drinkable summer sake that begs for warm weather and chilled glasses and would appeal to those who like a clean and crisp drinking experience in the "nama" capacity. A larger glass brings out more hints of fruit and roundness.
WINE: Crisp Reds/Tight Whites
BEER: Crisp Ales
FOODS: Light cuisines, clean flavors, hints of salty elements.

  • Tsukasabotan "King of the Peony" 

From Kochi Prefecture.
Nama Junmai Ginjo.
SMV: +5 Acidity: 1.5
This Nama-sake has a pronounced nose filled with creamy, mango, spicy, and minty elements. The "King" is smooth, dry and watery! Huh? Yes it is wet and dry as very subtle grape popsicle and pomegranate flavors sway through your mouth. If you like dry sakes with hints of fruit and a laser-fast finish this unpasteurized brew is so fresh and light that it just screams "daytime sake." Dry, crisp and clean!
WORD: Clean
WINE: Dry reds/Tight whites
BEER: Crisp Ales
FOODS: Grilled anything, salty flavors, fried fare.

  • Umenishiki " Gorgeous Plum" 

From Ehime Prefecture.
Nama Junmai Dai Ginjo.
SMV: +4 Acidity: 1.2
This extremely elegant Nama Dai Ginjo (not many of those around) has a lively nose with hints of apple, grape, vanilla and sea salt tones. Think clean, round, soft and juicy when trying a Nama that is built to enhance the subtleties found in Dai Ginjo sake. The complexity of this brew comes forth on the first semi-dry sip that captures flavors such as apple, peach, mango, and vanilla elements in a fluid that is silky and plump. Round and soft this "high end" Nama captures an elegance not found in too many raw sakes.
WORD: Elegant
WINE: Pinot Noir/ Dry whites
BEER: Belgian Ales
FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, gently flavored cuisines.

  • Ohyama "Big Mountain" 

From Yamagata Prefecture.
Nama Tokubetsu Junmai.
SMV: +3.5 Acidity: 1.3
If you are looking for "drinkable" without too much "thinkable" then grab this Nama. Clean, wide and round this unpasteurized sake has a nose filled with bamboo, apple, and ripe fruit tones. Is it semi-dry or semi-sweet, who cares as the overall feeling is refreshingly fruity without being sweet. There are very gooey apple, pear, and honeydew flavors mixed with a hint of vanilla in a clean and expressive movement. Think semi-dry sake packed with fruity flavors, and let it go closer to room temp for the full Nama experience.
WORD: Chewy
WINE: Pinot Noir/Chardonnay
BEER: Belgian Ales
FOODS: Sushi, sashimi, anything off of the BBQ.

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