December 2008

Sake Outposts - Moto-i Is Making History

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sake outposts dec 2008The fertile seeds of sake floating on the winds of time have landed in Minneapolis Minnesota. Yes! In the Mid-west and not on either coast no less! And what has this seed of sake bloomed into - the very first sake microbrewery restaurant (think a microbrewery restaurant for beer) outside of Japan. Moto-i makes brew, serves brew, and pairs brew with their own cuisine - can you say dream come true?

Brainchild of Blake Richardson this endeavor is a difficult one indeed, but the passion flows deep in Minnesota. I have not yet visited this oasis, but have corresponded with Blake a little. In one email I asked him about his "ingredients" and he willingly (his candidness for "transparency" is truly refreshing in an industry of secrets and mumbles when it comes to what goes into the vats) offered the following:

"We get everything but water from SakeOne. To be clear, I order ingredients to my specification. Rice variety, yeast, mill rate, etc... We are currently brewing with koshihikari and akita komachi. We will soon be using yamada nishiki. Our yeasts are 701, 1801 and one that I cannot speak of. But you could probably guess.

Next brewing year, we will start to make our own koji.

It is our intention to not brew in the summer. I love tradition! But at the rate that we are selling sake, this might be a tall order.

We have hard water. Not extremely hard but by definition...

No iron or manganese.

Two filters, mostly for organics.

We do water analysis on the quarter and make adjustments to match the famous water of kobe!"

I say best of luck to Blake and his Moto-i Team - we will all be rooting for and supporting their success - but most importantly we look forward to Moto-i's opening in neighborhoods across America.

Here is the link to Moto-i 

And here is a good interview with Blake.

Can you smell the passion?

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